Two boys riding bikes

Road Safety Week

Every year, around 300 people are seriously injured or killed on Tasmania’s roads. To reverse this impact we all need to improve our driving behaviours.

Our focus

During National Road Safety Week in May 2021 and all throughout the year, you'll see us continue to share the national road safety message in our local Tasmanian community.

We'll share road safety education through safe driver programs at schools and seniors groups. You'll see us in the news calling on all levels of government to prioritise road safety initiatives. Our team members will share what they've learnt from their near miss crash experiences. We'll light up our buildings in yellow to promote widespread road safety awareness. We'll share the road with others so we can all get home safely. 

National focus

Sunday 16 May 2021: Remember the 1200 lives lost on our roads and highways

Monday 17 May 2021: Protect every life and care for vulnerable road users

Tuesday 18 May 2021: Lead the pledge to drive so others survive

Wednesday 19 May 2021: Move over and slow down when passing emergency service vehicles

Thursday 20 May 2021: Slow down and reduce your speed

Friday 21 May 2021: Regional and city communities matter

Saturday 22 May 2021: Share the road with cyclists and motorcyclists

Sunday 23 May 2021: Arrive home safe for your loved ones

Our experience

We're deeply committed to changing driver behaviour on the road, including our own driving habits. Hear about our near miss experiences and what impact this has had on our team.

Show your support

Pop on a ribbon and show you're committed to making our roads safer. You can head into a branch and pick one up or make your own.

Let's light the town yellow

We're lighting up RACT House in yellow for the week and the following businesses are doing the same. Let us know if you're planning to and we can add your details in below. If you're driving past during the week, take a pic and share it with us. Let's all get involved and show our support for the lives lost on the road.

  • RACT House, Hobart

  • Kingborough Council, Kingston

  • Burnie Maker Centre, Burnie

  • Devonport Goliath Silos, Devonport

  • Bridge of Remembrance, Hobart

  • Ritchie's Mill, Launceston