ract staff with Mitch from Speak Up! Stay ChatTY


Through programs, events and community work, SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY delivers key messages around the importance of talking about mental health, getting help and supporting each other through tough times.

As part of this partnership, members (as well as our staff) will be able to access exclusive SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY presentations, as well as tips on improving your mental health.

Mental health can be a tough conversation and because of this, it's crucial that we incorporate mental health topics into our daily lives. This ultimately will help improve our ability to check-in with those around us more frequently, openly speak about difficult topics and put an end to the stigma.

Shorts Day

22 June 2023

On the shortest day of the year, our teams came together to brave the cold and brave the conversation around mental health as we supported SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY's annual initiative Shorts Day.

It was a cold, short, important day as we brought the topic of mental health to the forefront of our conversations.

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