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Our car seat demonstrations

If you've got a car seat in your family car, you're sure to have experienced one of these problems. We've got a variety of car seat demonstrations to help you along the way.

Car seat tip #1

Locating an anchor point for your car seat to be secured too can be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Watch Chris show us the easiest way to find the anchor point in your car.

Car seat tip #2

Car seats can be confusing at the best of times, let alone trying to untangle a twisted harness strap! Take a look at our demonstration to help you save time and work towards a tangle free car ride with your little one.

Car seat tip #3

It's important you know how to make sure you car seat is fitted securely. ISOFIX can make installing your car seat a lot more straight forward. We've put together handy hints on how to recognise ISOFIX car seats and where the ISOFIX connection points can be found in your car.

Car seat tip #4

Ensuring the harness is secure enough to withstand the frequent movements of your little one is integral to car seat performance. You will learn tricks on how to ensure your harness straps are secure and taught without causing discomfort or being too tight on the child's body.