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How-to guide: Logbooks

Just got your learners license? Getting ready to sit your P1 Assessment? Check out our tips and tricks to make sure your logbook is filled out correctly. 

We know filling out your L2 logbook can seem like a chore. However, it is really important that you do it correctly. It forms part of your P1 driving assessment and turning up with an incomplete or incorrect log book means you may not be able to sit your P1 Assessment.

So before you turn up for your assessment double check your log book against our guide to make sure you get it correct the first time.

Page 27 of the logbook 'Tracking your Driving' is one of the pages that is incorrectly filled out most often. Here is an example of how it should be completed. 

L2 Logbook tracking

The 'A minutes' column is the total number of driving minutes you logged on the corresponding page and the 'B total' column is a running tally of the total minutes. This should equal over 3000 total minutes logged before you come for your assessment. You should also make sure that you complete and tick off all of the recommended tasks. 

The second page that is often not completed is the declaration on page 28. Make sure all of your supervisory drivers complete this section fully by filling in all of the blank spaces. They'll need to sign off on it before you come in for your assessment. 

L1 Logbook declaration

Finally be sure to look over each page and have someone else check it for you so you can be sure you have completed it correctly. Once that is out of the way you can focus on the driving. 

If you're just beginning your driver training journey and you need a logbook you can download one from Tasmanian State Growth.