Our Road Rules

Before you get in the car you'll need to know and understand the road rules. These rules are about keeping people safe - motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. 

To help share these rules, the Department of State Growth have developed a video journey. These videos are to help drivers, especially those new to it, understand the Tasmanian road rules. 

We're sharing some below to help you get across them.


Our pick this week

How well do you know your car?

Spend time getting to know your vehicle before you drive it out on the road?

More videos

Rules for L1 drivers

Know the rules.

Left something behind exercise

How to perfect this part of your P1 Assessment.


Be prepared in case the worst happens.

Health and well-being

Making sure you're right to drive.

Rural driving

How is rural driving different to city driving?

Blind spots and mirrors

Check your blind spots and mirrors at the right time.

Zip merging

Learn how to merge safely.

Turning right at lights

Take the stress our of turning right at lights.


Vehicle Roadworthiness

Check your car is ready for the road.

Signage & other markings

Get to know the signs and other markings about.

Speed limits

Make sure you know what speed to travel.

Dividing lines

Get to know what the lines on the road mean.


Learn how to get on and off a roundabout.

Overtaking & distancing

Know when it's safe to overtake.


Get to know the rules on parking your car.

Buying & selling

Things you need to know when buying/selling a car.

Mum and daughter about to go on a driving lesson.

Learning to drive?

Check out our Drive School hub with all the resources you need in the one easy to find place.