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Additional learning resources

We've found a range of additional resources to help students further their learning in road safety.

Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2

The RACQ's Streets Ahead program teaches students how to differentiate between safe and unsafe behaviours. Through this unit, students learn there are different ways we need to be safe when using the road as a pedestrian, a passenger and a cyclist. Streets Ahead is investigated through a word find and craft activities, including a road safety mobile and a paper chatterbox.

The RAC's Little Legends Club encourages young minds to begin to recognise what road safety behaviours are. In this beginner course, students will get to make friends with five road safety legends; Chip, Mel, Jack, Ash and Flutter. Little Legends introduces students to the safety rules of stop, look, listen and think. Students will explore this through a combination of colouring in activities, worksheets and tracing templates.

Grade 3 and 4

Students can explore the concept of road safety with RAC's Little Legends Club by completing activities such as creating their own road safety messages, identifying hazards in a range of scenarios, conducting a science experiment around car safety and more. 

Grade 5 and 6

The Bicycle Network offers students the opportunity to become Active Travel Ambassadors to encourage students to understand the economic, environmental, personal and social benefits in active travel. Students are required to think about the different forms of active travel including riding, scooting, skating or walking to get to places in their communities. The course is covered off by students completing short answer questions and conducting various surveys about travel habits.