Our community

A lifetime of driving

Recently our community education team were welcomed to the monthly meeting of the Scamander Combined Probus Club to chat all things road safety.

The Scamander Combined Probus Club members are very experienced drivers with an average of 55 years driving experience amongst the group. Throughout the visit, the club were interested to hear just how much Tasmanian road rules have changed over the years compared to when they first started driving.

The road safety presentation explored five commonly misunderstood road rules with the Scamander Combined Probus Club which included:

  • Navigating intersections including stop signs, give way signs and roundabouts;

  • Reverting to default speed limits in the absence of speed limit signs;

  • Travelling through yellow traffic lights;

  • Crossing unbroken white dividing lines; and

  • Correctly using indicators.

To show the impact of learning about contemporary road rules, the Probus members were asked to self-evaluate their road rules knowledge at both the beginning and conclusion of the presentation. This revealed that after participating in our misunderstood road rules program, all Probus members felt significantly more knowledgeable and better equipped to travel on our Tasmanian roads.

With a lifetime of driving stories to share, but limited time together, the monthly Probus meeting drew to a close. Val and Mavis kindly invited our community education team for a homemade lunch of corned beef and pickle sandwiches. The saying that new friends are the best friends really did ring true for this new friendship.