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A timely summer reminder

With the weather heating up, we’re reminding Tasmanians to never leave their kids or pets in the car.

On a typical summer’s day, the inside of a car can be 30-40 degrees hotter than outside. As an example, on a 25 degree day, a car could reach 65 degrees.

Kids and animals are sensitive to heat. They can dehydrate and develop heat stress very quickly. Even leaving them in the car for a short amount of time can have tragic consequences within minutes.

In the past year, our roadside team rescued 105 kids, 117 animals and 16 adults locked in cars.

If your kids or pets are locked in the car, call roadside on 13 11 11, and we’ll help if you’re a member with us or not.

Remember, if you need to leave your car – take your loved ones with you. It’s not worth the risk.