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Driving road safety forward with automated traffic cameras

Published | 21 August 2023

We've welcomed today’s announcement by the Tasmanian Government to expand and enhance the state’s automated traffic enforcement camera network.

Our Chief Executive Officer Mark Mugnaioni said RACT had been championing the renewal and expansion of the program to help identify risky road behaviour for the past five years.

“We want nothing more than for Tasmanian roads to be safer and we know this technology plays a critical role in deterring risky driving behaviours and reducing road accidents and fatalities,” Mr Mugnaioni said.

Built upon compelling national and international evidence, automated traffic enforcement is widely recognised as essential to ensuring road safety.

Mr Mugnaioni said it was evident that too many Tasmanians exhibited risky behaviour on our roads, and with the installation of this technology, their chances of being caught were now much higher.

“The cameras' efficiency was proven in their first test conducted over 43 hours in November 2022, where 339 mobile phone offences were captured, equivalent to one every 7.6 minutes.

Mr Mugnaioni said RACT would continue to work with the Government to support the ongoing improvement of road safety, which was backed by its Tasmanian member base.

“Our member survey results have shown that 83 per cent support the camera rollout, with an overwhelming 95 per cent backing the allocation of fines revenue towards maintaining and expanding the network,” he said.

“We look forward to seeing the success and expansion of this program reflected in decreased mobile phone use and improved seatbelt compliance, alongside reductions in fatalities, serious injuries, and a decline in average road speeds.

“While the road ahead to achieving fewer deaths and serious injuries on Tasmanian roads is long, we believe that technology, coupled with education and deterrence, will play a pivotal role.”