patrol helping member on side of road
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Plea for motorists to slow down for roadworker safety

Published | 1 September 2023

We're urging motorists to play their part in roadworker safety, as a new campaign hopes to highlight the physical wellbeing of roadside workers.

The Your Speed Is Our Safety awareness campaign, launched today by the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) Tasmania, aims to shift public attention towards treating roads as workplaces for those who maintain and patrol them.

Our Chief Executive Officer Mark Mugnaioni emphasised the importance of seeing Tasmania's roads as workplaces for RACT patrols, road construction teams, and emergency services.

"It's not just a stretch of asphalt; it's someone's workplace. And just as you wouldn't want someone speeding through your office, road crews shouldn't have to face that risk.

"Laws requiring motorists to slow down are there for a reason, but we need to cultivate a sense of shared responsibility.

"Our road crews often find themselves in precarious situations, and the smallest lapse in concentration from a driver can lead to severe consequences."

Mr Mugnaioni said despite road rules, not all drivers slowed down when approaching professionals on the side of the road, leading to potentially hazardous situations.

"It's not just about following the law; it's about understanding the human element. These are people doing their jobs, often under challenging conditions, and they have every right to feel safe at their workplace.

In support of CCF’s campaign, We're encouraging all Tasmanians to get familiar with not only the rules but also the rationale behind them.

"This is about more than compliance; it's about community. It's our collective duty to ensure the safety of those who work to keep our roads functional and safe," Mr Mugnaioni said.

More information on the campaign can be found on the CCF website.