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Report highlights Tasmania's damning road toll

Published | 31 January 2023

Tasmania has the highest per capita road death toll of any state in Australia and is second only to the Northern Territory according to a damning report released by the Australian Automobile Association.

The quarterly update on the National Road Safety Strategy for December, shows Tasmania’s road death toll at 8.75 per 100,000 people was more than double the national target of 4.0 and well above the national average of 4.57.

The only other region higher than Tasmania was the Northern Territory at 18.75, while Western Australia at 6.25 per 100,000 and Queensland at 5.62 were the only other states above the national average.

New South Wales had the lowest rate at 3.53 which is less than half the rate of Tasmania, followed closely by Victoria 3.63.

Our Chief Advocacy Officer Garry Bailey said, had Tasmania achieved the fatality rate of New South Wales at 3.53 a total of 30 Tasmanian lives could have been saved in one year.

“Since this report was finalised, the road death rate for 2022 in Tasmania has actually increased to 51, making our figures even worse,” Mr Bailey said.

“This is why we're calling for the final report handed down by the Legislative Council Select Committee report on Road Safety in Tasmania to be implemented.

Mr Bailey said the State Government can act now by:

  • Bringing the best technology to bear on enforcement, deterrence, and education on our roads.

  • Directing fines revenue back into road safety.

  • Rolling out road safety education in all our schools – not just to those who request it.

  • Embedding the tried and tested Safe Systems design elements in every road project.

  • Setting speed limits appropriate to road conditions and apply that consistently across state and council roads.

  • Having a road safety regime as part of workplace health and safety in every business.

“As we said when the report was released, we can assure every elected member – of State Parliament and of every Tasmanian council – we'll keep its 210,000 members fully informed of the support this landmark report receives from their elected representatives.

“Now is the time to deliver it,” Mr Bailey said.