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Stay safe on our roads this summer

It’s something we all take for granted and often overlook during the busy festive season – making sure our vehicle is in optimal shape before we head out.

While we know that our roads can be deadly, ensuring our vehicles are safe should be a priority and a way we can lessen our risk on our roads.

Over the last few years while undertaking vehicle safety checks, the RACT has found a proportion of motorists who are neglecting to maintain their vehicles. Alarmingly, around 19 per cent of vehicle owners were driving with either underinflated or worn tyres and 14 per cent had issues relating to seatbelts and/or child restraints.

Other issues included headlights requiring replacement, low oil or other fluid levels, batteries that needed attention and wiper blade replacement.

On the surface, these minor issues may seem unimportant but could mean the difference between surviving the drive or being involved in a serious crash or fatal incident.

Remember also to avoid the fatal five – speed, inattention, seatbelts, fatigue and drink/drug driving.

Please, before you head out on our roads don’t be complacent - make sure you undertake a vehicle safety check to ensure you and your loved ones arrive safely.

  • Check your oil and coolant.

  • Check your brakes.

  • Check your lights.

  • Check your tyre tread.

  • Check your tyre pressure.

  • Check your caravan or trailer lights, tyres and wheel bearings.

  • Check your windscreen washer level.