Electric car driving on windy road
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Want to know more about EVs?

We've just added a brand new fully electric vehicle (EV) to our corporate fleet.

We’ll be using our 2018 Hyundai IONIQ mainly in the north and north-west to deliver road safety programs supported by the Tasmanian Government Road Safety Levy.

There’s so much to learn about EVs and we can’t wait to show Tasmanians of all ages how they work, how they charge, the environmental benefits, what models are available and how much they cost.

Having an EV in our fleet will also give us the chance to test and learn about the challenges they face in Tasmania, which will help us develop our advocacy position.

We’re in regular talks with stakeholders about the rollout of EV technology. We’d like to see more EVs in government and corporate fleets as a way of increasing demand, raising awareness and adding to the second-hand EV market.

Our EV has been leased through LeasePlan and it’s the first fully electric vehicle the program has secured for a customer.

The recent announcement that Chargefox will be bringing Tasmania’s first ultra-rapid EV charging station to Campbell Town by the end of the year is another step in the right direction. The charging station will be able to give an EV 400km of range in 15 minutes – now that’s fast!