Corporate travel

​We offer a corporate online travel booking engine with the ability to book standard published return flights and one-way combinable fares.

​​​Some of the main advantages of using an online booking system in your business are:​​​

  • Access all major airlines
  • Book an estimated 60,000 hotels
  • Access to 30 hire car companies
  • Travel polic​y enforcement
  • Print your own itineraries
  • View past, present and future trips
  • Access standard corporate fares
  • Company negotiated rates
  • Superior authorisation systems
  • Safe secure data encryption

To see how a corporate online system could work take a look at the Sabre Online Booking Tool Demonstration below.  If you'd like more information contact our Travel Sales Manager Christine Benbow for a demonstration.  She can visit you and tailor SABRE On-line options to suit your organisation, whether large or small.

For further information contact Christine on 0419 886 549.

View the Online Booking Demo below: