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Discover winter wonders

Embark on a Tasmanian caravan adventure with RACT Finance.

Whether you’re embracing winter’s crisp air, pristine wilderness, or cozy corners – there’s a certain magic that descends upon Tasmania in the colder months. What if you could experience it all from the comfort and flexibility of your own caravan?

Embarking on a winter caravan adventure offers more than just braving the cold, it transforms the chills into a memorable journey that defies expectations.

Winter is Tasmania’s off-peak season, offering you quieter trails, less crowded campsites, and an unparalleled opportunity to explore the island’s hidden gems. With over 50 caravan and holiday parks dotted across Tasmania, you’ll never be short of magical locations to park your caravan and soak up the island’s beauty.

And the best part? You can make this dream a reality with RACT Finance* for Caravans. But first, let’s explore why caravanning in Tasmania is the perfect winter adventure.

Enjoy absolute freedom  

When you travel in a caravan, you’re the author of your own story. You decide your itinerary, your pace, and your stops. No strict schedules, no fixed destinations, just pure unfiltered freedom. This means you’ll get to uncover Tasmania’s best-kept secrets and venture off the beaten track whenever the road calls.

Savvy savings on accommodation

Choosing to travel in a caravan is not just about the adventure – it’s a smart financial choice too. Say goodbye to pricey hotel stays and hello to your cozy, budget-friendly home on wheels. The savings don’t just mean more trips; they mean more memorable experiences and treats on your journey. With RACT Finance* for Caravans, owning a caravan and unlocking more holidays is easier than ever. 

Access the inaccessible

The beauty of Tasmania is not just about the well explored paths, its real charm lies in the remote, untouched wilderness, national parks and coastal havens that offer a genuine escape from the urban hustle. Your caravan is your ticket to these secluded havens. 

Revel in breathtaking scenic drives

Tasmania’s natural beauty truly shines when you’re traveling through its picturesque routes. As you navigate your caravan along these paths, you’re not just driving – you’re basking in awe-inspiring landscapes, at your own leisure.

Embrace the winter chill and set off on a unique adventure. With RACT Finance* Caravan loans, your dream of a Tasmanian caravan escape is just around the corner. Experience Tasmania like never before – on your own terms, at your own pace and in your own caravan.

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