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Preparing for bushfire season

The best defence against bushfire is knowing your bushfire risk, and making a plan.

Tasmania is renowned for its pristine wilderness and unique natural beauty, but it also faces the unfortunate reality of bushfires. With the increasing threat in recent years, it's crucial that we all prepare, plan, and survive.

Create a bushfire plan

Developing a well-thought-out bushfire plan is vital for your family's safety. Include escape routes, a meeting point, and a communication strategy. Make sure every family member is aware of the plan and has a copy of it. Review and update your plan regularly, especially before the start of each fire season.

To kick off your bushfire plan, head to the Tasmania Fire Service website.

Prepare your property

Property preparation can significantly reduce the risk of your home being consumed by a bushfire. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Create a clear space around your home by clearing away dry grass, leaves, and any other flammable materials. Trim overhanging branches and remove dead trees.

  • Install ember guards: Ember attacks are a significant cause of home ignition during bushfires. Install fine metal mesh screens on windows, doors, vents, and eaves to prevent embers from entering your home.

  • Maintain your roof and gutters. Keep gutters clear of debris and consider installing gutter guards to prevent the accumulation of flammable material. Use non-combustible roofing materials and ensure your roof is in good condition.

  • Ensure you have access to a reliable water source for firefighting.

  • Keep flammable chemicals away from your home and in a secure location.

  • Test your smoke alarms.

  • Ensure your insurance is up-to-date and adequate to cover your assets.

Visit Tasmania Fire Service for a deeper dive in preparing your home.

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Know your bushfire risk

Begin by seeking information and guidance from local authorities and emergency services. Tasmania has a well-established network of fire management agencies and experts who are well-versed in the regions specific fire risks. Contact your local council, visit their websites, and subscribe to alerts and notifications.

Pay close attention to the Fire Danger Ratings, which are regularly updated by Tasmania Fire Service. These ratings indicate the level of bushfire risk on any given day, ranging from moderate to catastrophic. Understanding these ratings helps you gauge the severity of the fire threat and make informed decisions about your activities and home preparedness.

Stay updated on fire conditions and warnings through reliable sources, such as TasAlert, emergency apps, and ABC local radio. Be prepared to act swiftly and decisively if a bushfire threatens your area.

Prepare an emergency kit

Assemble an emergency kit containing essential items like water, non-perishable food, first-aid supplies, face masks, important documents, medications, torches, and batteries. Keep this kit in an easily accessible location, so you can grab it quickly if you need to evacuate. Make sure you add a list of critical items to add before you leave, such as phone chargers, wallet and sentimental items.

Bushfire-ready neighbourhood events

Tasmania Fire Service, through the award-winning Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods program, holds bushfire-ready events state-wide. See what's coming up in your area.

Remember, actions today can make a world of difference tomorrow. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and together, we can build a resilient community that stands strong against the threat of bushfires.

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