Car driving on scenic tasmanian roadside
Tips & tricks

Road-trip tips for a safe drive

With school holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to dust off the cobwebs and head out on a road trip.

It’s good to remember that school holidays can be high risk times on Tasmanian roads. There are usually more cars and recreational vehicles, drivers can be distracted or tired and many will be driving an unfamiliar route.

We want you to have fun and stay safe during holiday periods, so here are some of our top road trip tips:

Plan your route 

Your app might be telling you the quickest way to your destination, but it may not be the safest. It is a road trip after all so take the scenic route and marvel at Tasmania's beauty.

Drive to the conditions

Tassie is great at throwing all four seasons at us in one day. Be mindful of road conditions, especially on winding mountain roads. There’s less time to react to oncoming traffic around a hidden bend, so be extra cautious.

Break it up

Leaving early to beat the traffic can lead to tiredness. Make sure you plan a few stops along the way to stretch your legs and combat fatigue. Try not to drive any longer than two hours without a rest. Drinking coffee or leaving the window open for fresh air can help, but they aren’t solutions to true fatigue. Play it safe, call it a day and get a decent night's rest before continuing your journey.

Take it easy

We all want to get to our destination as quickly as we can, but better slow and safe than not at all. Have some patience, be courteous to other road users and obey the speed limit. 

Keep your insurance up to date

Sometimes accidents happen. Having adequate insurance for your pride and joy can give you some peace of mind should the worst happen. We have three levels of cover available - take a look at our car insurance options and choose which one suits you best.

Before buying insurance issued by RACT Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 96 068 167 804, AFS licence 229 076) you should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which you can find along with the Target Market Determination (TMD) on our Insurance Documents page.