RACT 100 Years of Service

Like many a Tasmanian road, our 100-year story has a few twists and turns, and these can be discovered in the 250+ pages of our limited edition publication.

Celebrating 100 years

Since the beginning, we've operated and contributed to shaping our island and supporting our community. From countless roadside rescues to lifesaving advocacy, we’ve been firmly in Tasmania’s corner.

We’ve been a beacon through the dark hours. We’ve helped bring more value to our members’ lives. And we’ve spoken up where it matters most.

To celebrate the past 100 years of being Tasmania’s shoulder to lean on, we’ve commissioned Tasmanian-based historian and author Nick Brodie to write a limited edition book RACT 100 Years of Service.

Full of images from the last 100 years, this history is not simply the story of a company, it is the story of a community of people, a club, who share a common interest in a common place.

About the author

Nick Brodie is a historian and writer based in Hobart. He is the author of several well-regarded books, including Kin, 1787 and The Vandemonian War. He also has extensive experience researching Tasmanian history for academic journals, documentary filmmakers, and popular magazines. Nick is currently the Dean of Academic Studies at University of Tasmania College, Jane Franklin Hall in Hobart.

How you can buy

RACT 100 Years of Service is available for purchase from any of our branches.

How you can save

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