Manage Your Membership

Want to go green? Need to pay a bill or update your address? We've listed all the things you can do in the one spot. You can even choose how you want us to communicate with you.

    Self service your membership.

    Member Hub is a space to help make things easier for you. Need to make an insurance claim or update your payment method? You can manage your policy in the Insurance section.

    You can also keep your contact details current and update your preferences at any time. By logging in regularly you’ll also be able to see how much you’ve saved with member rewards.

    You'll find more details below on how to sign in and get the most out of this space.

    Common questions

    • What is Member Hub?
      As a member, you'll be able to access your own members only area. Your Member Hub lets you manage your products, policies, personal details and renewals. You can personalise the stories you see, enter competitions and give us feedback.

      Do you want to know how much you've saved by showing your member card? Well, you can do this too. You'll be able to see how much you've saved for the year in member discounts.
    • How do I sign up to Member Hub?

      To sign up to Member Hub, follow these steps:

      • Choose the ‘log in’ button to go to the registration page.
      • Click on the green 'sign up' button and choose how you'd like to register. You have the choice of email, Facebook or Google.

      Choosing Facebook or Google? You'll need to confirm you're happy for the account details to be shared. Pop in your surname and member number and then sign up. If your social email doesn't match the one we have, we'll send you an SMS to the mobile we have on file for you with a code to enter. If we don't have a mobile number on our system, you'll need to call our team on 13 27 22. We'll get you up and running in no time.

      Want to register using email? Fill in your details and send you a verification code. Once you've entered the code, choose a password and enter your member number and surname. Then click 'sign up'. If the email you're using doesn't match the one we have, we'll send an SMS to the mobile we have on file for you with a code to enter. If we don't have a mobile number on our system, you'll need to call our team on 13 27 22. We'll get you up and running in no time.

      When the details you've entered match those on our system, you'll see our Member Hub home page. It's all yours to personalise and start setting up to display what's important to you.

      Have any questions? Visit our help centre for common questions.

      Still unsure? Contact us on 13 27 22.

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    • How do I find out my member number?
      Vector image of RACT membership card
      Your member number is below your card number.

      Your member number can be found on your membership card.

      Use your card number whenever you're asked for your 16 digit membership card number.

      Below that is your member number. You'll generally be asked for this when filling in a form or entering a competition. This is what we use to identify you in our system.

    • How can I see how much have I saved?

      Do you know how much you’ve saved as a member over the last 12 months? You could already be saving more than the cost of your roadside assistance or insurance. Simply show your membership card when visiting our partners or enter your membership number when accessing savings online.

      Your savings are shown as a 12-month rolling total. So on any given day, when you view the Member Benefits tab in our Member Hub, your total savings will be shown for the last 12 months.* We’ll also keep you updated with your savings when we send Roadside renewal notices or eNews communications.

      Take advantage of your member benefits and start seeing your savings today!

      *We can indicate your savings, but we depend on getting the data from our partners.

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    • How can I change my email preferences?

      As a member, you can choose which communications you choose to get from us. If you wish to change these at any time, you can update your preferences in our Member Hub. 

      If you've already opted into our marketing emails, you can simply:

      • Head to the Membership tab and select Update Preferences. From there it's a matter of clicking on the things you wish to hear about.

      If you haven't opted into marketing campaigns, the Update Preferences option won't appear on your account. You can still opt-in and change your preferences, it just requires an extra step:

      • Head to the Membership tab and select Change Contact Details. 
      • Just above the Residential Address section, you'll see a 'Click here to stay informed' link. If you click on this link you'll be guided to updating contacts if required and then selecting your preferences. 


      Update my preferences