Have you ever worried about what you would do if you were overseas and missed an important connecting flight? Or if you needed to be back home urgently? Or you had lost your passport and didn’t know who to call?

​​​Members booking with RACT Travel need worry no more!

Just call the RACT Travel Assist 1300 number provided with your RACT travel itinerary at any t​ime, day or night. We’ll do the worrying for you – and you’ll have the peace of mind of talking to one of us, an RACT Travel consultant right ​here in Tasmania.
RACT Roadside members know that if their vehicle breaks down no matter what time of the day or night, RACT Roadside will be there to help when you need it most. Now, RACT Travel Assist will be there to support you and assist you 24/7, anywhere in the world.

How to use Travel As​sist

Call the Travel Assist hotline.  This number can be called from 92 countries in the World and is ​able to be dialled from a mobile phone. 

The following is the message on the phone – listen carefully to the prompts and select your preferred option.
“Welcome to RACT Travel Assist. There are two options available. You may talk to our emergency assist consultant. A $100 access fee may apply or you may leave a message for a Consultant to access during business hours. Our business hours are 8:45am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 
Press 1 to speak with the RACT Travel emergency assist consultant. 
Press 2 to leave a message. Along with the details of your request, please include the name of the consultant and branch you have been dealing with and the best contact number to return your call if necessary. This message will be actioned during normal business hours.”
Great service when you book with us, great emergency service while travelling.  Just a little extra peace of mind for our members travelling with RACT Travel.