FAQ's for how to register for the RACT Member Hub

The RACT Member Hub is where you'll get the inside edge on member competitions and hot offers! ​​You'll also find interesting news articles, travel stories, car reviews and motoring tips on the hub, exclusive to RACT members

​How to register

  1. If you want to register for the Member Hub, there are just a few steps for you to follow:
  2. You must have a registered email address on your RACT member account. Otherwise, you won't be able to log in to the hub or set a password. To check if you have an email address listed, or to get one added to your account call 13 27 22, email or visit your nearest RACT branch
  3. Visit the member hub log in page
  4. Click register
  5. Enter your member number (the seven digit number that appears on your member card minus the first ‘0’) or email address. Please note that if an email address is attached to another member (i.e. a husband and wife) then you will need to use your member number.
  6. You’ll be emailed a password reset email, to your registered email address. Simply click the link and follow the prompts to set-up your password.
  7. You can then log in to the Hub with your member number and password.

For more information or assistance go online, visit your local branch or call 13 27 22

Tips & tricks

Follow these tips to make your sign-up process as easy as possible!

  • Check that you have a registered email address before you try to log-in. There's nothing more frustrating than putting in your member number and not receiving a response.
  • If you have a double zero (00) as the first two digits on your membership number, simply drop them off your number when logging in and requesting a password email. The hub will find it easier to register your member number without them.
  • If you can't remember your membership number, you can locate it on the front of your RACT card or your latest renewal notice.
  • When you click the "register" or "reset your password" link, make sure you only click it once! If you click the button more than once it will send multiple password links, which will cause each other to expire. It may take a moment or so for the success message to appear, so just give it a minute and wait for the email to appear in your inbox.
  • Password reset emails expire after a few hours, so if when you click the link it says that the url has expired, just request a new one.
  • Enjoy the RACT Member Hub.