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Lifestyle Membership

Our lifestyle product gives you membership for when you don’t have roadside or insurance with us. It makes you part of our family and gives you access to our member rewards.

As a member you can save on products and services to maintain your car and on items for your home and garden. And that’s only naming a few things. Our discounts will delight the whole family all year round.

Taking out lifestyle gives you membership with us for 12 months. This means you’ll be able to save with our partners for a year and then we’ll send you an invitation to renew via email. If you’d like to continue saving, you can simply re-join.

Throughout the year you'll have the choice to receive our eNews updates. A direct email that'll let you know what were up to, plus info on any exclusive and special deals being offered by our partners. You'll also receive digital journeys, our quarterly publication featuring articles on travel, car reviews, community news and more.

We've run the numbers.

Here's an example of three ways you could save throughout the year:

Fuel - up to $124.80 a year

Filling up the car weekly, you could save $2.40 a week on fuel = $124.80 over 12 months**

Cinema - up to $180 a year

Visiting the cinema each month with a friend, you could save $7.50 per ticket = $180 over 12 months^

Groceries - up to $416 a year

With a weekly shop of around $200, you could save $8 each time = $416 over 12 months#

Your potential yearly savings = $720.80

**Based on an average fuel price of $2.03/L with a 40L fuel tank. With our United fuel discount of 6c/L, the spend would be $81.20 week, saving $2.40 each week over 12 month / 52 week period period.

^Based on an adult e-movie voucher at $14.50 with our Village Cinemas member discount, Adult cinema tickets at the box office are $22/ticket, saving $7.50 per ticket over 12 month period.

#Based on an average weekly shop of $200. Using Woolworths Supermarket eGift Cards with a 4% discount, saving $8 per shop, over 12 month / 52 week period.

For just $39 a year, Lifestyle pays for itself with discounts from a wide range of partners. Searching for and redeeming discounts couldn't be easier, there are no books or vouchers to keep track of and you can claim year round.