Details on the RACT Member Hub

All RACT members have access to their own personal membership area! View news stories, enter competitions and provide feedback online.

​​​​​​​​RACT's online Member Hub

Our Member Hub provides you with instant access to details about your product portfolio - this way you can find out when your policy is due as well as allowing you to automatically update your personal details online.  

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and community events; check what's happening in the motoring world; explore local, interstate and overseas travel destinations and see what  hot offers are available.

Select the Newsfeed Topics that interest you, have your say and interact with other members; make comments and upload images on any story.

Check out our competitions page and enter the draw to win great prizes.

Accessing the Member Hub

All you need to gain access is an email address that has been registered to your account. If you have not registered your email address then follow the "how to register" link above.

If you have a registered email address with RACT then click the "log on" link above and follow the prompts to register for Member Hub.

Member Hub is changing

In order to add more security to protect your valuable information, and allow us to deliver you even more services online, we are updating our sign-in process for Member Hub.

If you are an existing Member Hub user, you will soon receive an email about our new two-factor authentication process. You will need to re-register through this process to continue accessing Member Hub. You will only have to complete this once - after that, it is a simple, single sign-in process. And you can choose how you wish to sign in - via your email address, Facebook or Google.

After re-registering, you will still be able to access all of the benefits you have become used to, including hot offers, competitions, news stories and product information, as well as your total membership savings for the year.

So sit tight and keep an eye on your inbox - we will be in touch shortly.