RACT batteries

Call RACT Batteries on 13 11 11 to have us deliver and install your car battery 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We come to you at home, at work or even at the local shopping centre car park. Delivery is usually within an hour.

​Battery purchases

​To purchase a battery, please call our friendly team on 13 11 11 and we will deliver and install your car battery. 

Battery disposal and ​recycling

Car batteries are hazardous to the environment and as such RACT is committed to responsible disposal of lead acid batteries.

With over 96% of a battery able to be recycled, RACT is dedicated to battery recycling. After every Road Service battery replacement we send the used batteries off to be separated by professional battery recyclers so that the plastic casing, acid and lead plates can be recycled.

Car batteries contain lead and acid so leaving them lying around is dangerous. The correct methods for the disposal of unwanted batteries are:

  • Give them to an RACT patrol when purchasing your new battery.
  • Deliver them to your local council recycling depot.

Do not:

  • Put them in the household garbage.
  • Put them in the rubbish dump.
  • Leave them lying around your home.


We know that sometimes making a roadside repair decision on the spot feels a little more rushed than you’d like. That’s why we’ll give you 48 hours to know it was the right decision! We’ll test your battery. If it needs to be replaced, we’ll install an RACT Battery to get you on the go.

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