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Battery Types

Got a boat or caravan? We don't only deal with car batteries, we've got you covered on a variety of battery types. Learn more about our range and see how as a member you’ll save.

Call us with the details of your battery and we can check on the cost for you. If it's not a battery we have in stock, we'll let you know when it'll be in.

A little bit more about each type:

Car batteries

We supply and fit batteries for all vehicle makes and models. We have heavy-duty, extra heavy duty, and advanced technology batteries. If you’ve got a stop-start vehicle, we have enhanced flooded batteries and we also stock the highest capacity Absorbent Glass Mat batteries. All of our batteries are sealed and maintenance-free.

Heavy duty batteries

Our range includes extra heavy-duty and premium batteries. Extra heavy duty has a higher capacity and provides longer service life. These are suited to vehicles with extra accessories and they come with a two-year warranty. Our premium range offers even higher capacity and provides premium performance and service life. They come with a three-year warranty.

Marine batteries

We offer a large range of marine batteries including dual terminal connection. Our batteries come with advanced maintenance-free technology. They have longer storage life between seasons and increased durability to withstand vibrations. To prevent internal electrical shorts they come with internal envelope separators for operation in rough conditions.

Motorcycle batteries

We can supply most makes and models. These batteries are sealed maintenance-free units that prevent acid spills and are vibration resistant. Our motorcycle batteries have a heavy-duty capacity to maintain change between riding and storing periods.

Deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries are designed to be regularly deeply discharged. This allows them to still use most of their capacity in a partially discharged state. We can supply deep cycle batteries for marine, caravan, 4WD, and truck applications.

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