2020 AGM and Board Election

This year, our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held online. Our Board Election was also held online. Voting was open from 1 October until noon 28 October 2020. The results will be announced at our AGM.

Important dates:

  • Voting was open from 1 October until 12 noon on Wednesday 28 October 2020.
  • Our AGM will be held at 5pm 4 November 2020.

You can register your attendance or proxy vote for the AGM until 5pm 2 November 2020. 

 Notice of Annual General Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in accordance with Corporations (Coronavirus Economic Response) Determination (No. 1) 2020, the 97th Annual General Meeting of Members of The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania Limited will be held virtually on 4 November 2020 commencing at 5.00 pm.


  • 1. To confirm minutes of the 96th Annual General Meeting held on 13 November 2019.
  • 2. To receive the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the 12 months ended 30 June 2020.
  • 3. To elect 3 members to the Board in accordance with clause 16 of the Constitution.

    The following nominations have been received:

    Sue Smith*
    (Company Director)

    Lara de Vries
    Blackmans Bay
    (Disability Support
    Pension Recipient)

    Pieter Kolkert*
    (CEO and Company Director)

    Alison Flakemore*
    (Chartered Accountant and Company Director)

    *Denotes Retiring Member who is eligible for re-election.

    In accordance with the Club’s Constitution, a Ballot for the election of three (3) members to the Board will be conducted between 1 October 2020 and 12 noon, 28 October 2020.

  • 4. Special Resolution - Adoption of new Constitution.

    To consider, and if in favour, pass the following resolution as a special resolution:

    ‘That, pursuant to section 136(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), the existing constitution is repealed and the new constitution that has been made available to members via RACT’s website at ract.com.au/agm (New Constitution) and in hard copy on request, is adopted as the constitution of the Company, with immediate effect.’

    Explanation: The existing constitution was adopted over 15 years ago and has been amended on seven occasions since that time, but in order to fully take advantage of changes to the Corporations Act since its adoption, maintain best practice governance processes, and allow the establishment of Membership within the Constitution without direct linkage to Roadside Assistance, the Board recommend the adoption of the New Constitution.

    Further details of the differences between the existing constitution and the New Constitution can be found alongside a copy of the New Constitution at ract.com.au/agm and will be provided in hard copy to any member who requests a copy be sent to them.

  • 5. Ordinary Resolutions: Board Limit and Director's Fees.

    To consider, and if in favour, pass the following resolution as ordinary resolutions:

    Board Limit

    “That without prejudice to its right to do so the Board not be required to appoint two Board Appointed Directors in respect to the period from the end of the 2020 Annual General Meeting up to the end of the 2021 Annual General Meeting.”

    Explanation: Both the Club’s existing constitution and New Constitution provide that following the 2020 Annual General Meeting the Club Board may appoint up to two Board Appointed Directors in addition to 10 Member Elected Directors. Despite it forming part of the member-approved constitution, the maintenance of 10 Directors on the Board, being below the maximum of 12 Directors (being 10 Member Elected Directors and 2 Board Appointed Directors) could be considered to be a Board Limit under the Corporations Act and if so then approval at a general meeting of the Club would be required and it is therefore prudent for approval to be sought.

    The ability for the Board to appoint Board Appointed Directors is contained in the Club’s Constitution to ensure that the Club’s Board has within it what the Board believes are the appropriate skills and experience for the Club should the Member Elected Directors not provide a sufficiently wide skill base.

    Director’s Fees

    “That the annual directors fees remain at the aggregate amount as previously authorised by Members, but that in alignment with the proposed New Constitution, the Board shall not be required to allocate the total aggregate amount amongst the Member Elected Directors in any given year and that in future annual increases to the aggregate amount will reference the All Groups Consumer Price Index for Hobart rather than Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings.”

    Explanation: Both the Club’s existing constitution and New Constitution provide that the Directors shall be paid remuneration out of the funds of the Club for their services as directors. Rather than a fixed total amount as under the Club’s existing constitution, the New Constitution makes it easier for the Board to reduce the amount of fees allocated in a given year.

    The Board has determined that they shall receive no increase in directors fees in November 2020, and as such a portion of the total aggregate fees will not be used.

  • 6. General Business.
  • 7. Any other business that may be correctly brought before the meeting.

Common questions

  • Am I eligible to vote?

    You're eligible to vote in the election if you hold any of these memberships:

    • Service members (roadside ultimate, roadside advantage)
    • Honorary life members
    • Paid life members

    Note: If you hold membership in another category, you don't have voting rights. This is in accordance with the membership by-laws.

  • How do I vote?

    There are two ways you can vote in this ballot.


    Click on the 'vote now' button above. Enter your member number and surname to cast your vote.

    Don't have online access?

    You can email returningofficer@ract.com.au with your name and address, call us on 13 27 22 or come into a branch to obtain a paper ballot.

  • Where can I find my member number?
    Vector image of RACT membership card
    Your member number is below your card number.

    Your member number can be found on your membership card.

    Below your card number is your member number. This is the number you'll need to log into the online voting portal.

  • Can I vote more than once?

    Each member is entitled to vote once only in this ballot. You can vote by submitting one ballot paper, or one online vote. If you vote online and by post, only the online vote will be counted.

  • When is voting open?
    Voting opens on Thursday 1 October 2020. 
  • When does voting close?
    Voting closes at noon on Wednesday 28 October 2020. All ballot papers must be returned and received by this time. Online voting will also close at this time.
  • When will the results be announced?
    The three candidates with the highest number of votes cast are elected. The result will be announced at our online Annual General Meeting on 4 November 2020.
  • Can I change my vote?
    Once you've voted in the online Board Election vote you cannot change it at a later date, nor can you use a postal ballot paper to override your online vote. Online votes prevail over postal ones in order to prevent multiple voting.
  • I'm a new member and I can't get in to the portal. Am I able to vote?
    As the voting website is external, we won’t be automatically updating the voting site when members join. We will be updating the portal for new members periodically throughout the ballot period, however you can arrange to be sent physical ballot packs in the meantime.
  • Who is the returning officer?
    The returning officer for this election is Michael Hopster who has approved all election material. He can be contacted by email.
  • Who can I call for membership support?
    You can call our customer service centre with any membership enquiries on 13 27 22.