Getting your licence

Going for your licence is an exciting time. We've outlined the steps you'll need to take on the journey.

    Going for your licence is an exciting time, see below for what’s involved.


    The pre-learner

    Before you begin, you’ll need to study the road rules. When you've got them down pat, you can sit your driver knowledge test at Service Tasmania. We’ve found it helpful to prepare for the test by doing the online transport practice test.


    The learner stage

    Once you’ve passed your learner driver test, you’re ready to hit the road with a supervisor at all times. You can drive to a max speed of 90km/h. As a learner driver, you'll need to log 80 hours of supervised training including 15 hours at night. There are some key things you should be practicing (such as reverse parking). We’re here to help you develop your skills further if you need. You'll need to hold your learners licence for 12 months and log your practice hours in your logbook. Once this has been done and you’re ready, you can book your P1 assessment.


    The P1 assessment

    Complete the tasks in your logbook and practice, practice, practice. The assessment can be completed through us or Transport Tas. When you pass we'll give you the paperwork Service Tasmania need to upgrade your licence with a fee. Congratulations, you can now drive solo.


    The P1 stage

    You must hold your P1s for at least 12 months. Speed limits, peer passenger restrictions and mobile phone bans apply, you can read about them on Plates Plus Tasmania. If you commit a P1 restart offence, you may need to hold your P1s for longer.


    The P2 stage

    Depending on your age, you’ll have your P2 licence for either one or two years. Following this you’re a licensed driver. Congratulations! Be responsible and stay safe.


    Driving reward

    Get through the P1 and P2 stage without committing a driving offence and get rewarded. The safer driver reward provides eligible drivers with a free 3 year full licence. What a great incentive! Also, if you purchased a 7 or 10 lesson driving package through us, you’re now eligible for your free roadside. Show your licence at an RACT Driving School so they can congratulate you and arrange it.


    Changes to your journey

    As the learner and provisional licensing journey changed on 1 December 2020, you may be following a different licensing process. You can visit Plates Plus Tasmania to find out what Graduated Licensing System changes may impact you.


    Young lady getting into the driver's seat of a car with L Plates displayed

    Driving lesson packages

    We offer a range of different packages to suit your needs and budget

    Common questions

    • How many lessons will I need?
      This will depend on where you are in your journey and how much practice you can do outside of lessons. It's best to book in a lesson and our trainer can get to know your situation better. From there we can work on a plan to get you prepared for your licence.
    • Can I hire your cars for my P’s test?
      You can now do your assessment with us, in our cars. Find out more about our P1 assessment pilot. If you're doing your assessment with the Department of State Growth, you can still hire our cars.  The easiest way to do this is to call us on 1300 761 429 with your driver’s licence number and payment details. We will log in to the Transport Tasmania booking portal to find a test time where our cars are available for you to use.
    • I am after my manual licence, can I do my test in an automatic?
      You can do your L2 assessment in either an automatic or manual car. If you do the P1 test in an automatic vehicle though, you will have this restriction placed on your licence.
    • Can I use my own vehicle for lessons and assessments?
      We use our dual controlled cars for all lessons and assessments. Doing this allows us all to remain safe whilst learning on the roads.

    Or call 1300 761 429, Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm