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Batteries for all occasions

As we gear up for the Easter break, we've put together a battery guide to help you find the right battery. Whether you're travelling by car, boat or caravan, we're here to help power your next adventure.

Find the right battery for you

Automotive Batteries.

We stock Extra Heavy Duty and Premium batteries. If you’re in a Metro area, we’ll deliver and fit your battery for free*. We’ll find the right battery for you.

If you’ve got a stop/start vehicle we’ve got you covered with EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries.

If your vehicle has a few extra accessories, you’ll need a battery with higher capacity, longer service life and premium performance. We’ll supply you with an Extra Heavy Duty or Premium battery and we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

You can book your replacement car battery online using our booking portal, just tell us a bit about your car and we'll find the right battery for you. When you book your replacement battery, we'll give you a price and our technicians will take payment on completion.

*Some replacements are designated to workshop fit only. Additional charges or referral to a workshop may apply.

Marine batteries.

We'll supply you with a battery to suit your boat or sea accessory. Our marine batteries include dual terminal technology. These batteries have increased durability and robust construction to help withstand the harsh environment of water craft.

Motorcycle batteries.

We supply most makes and models. Theses batteries are sealed, maintenance-free and vibration resistant. They have a heavy-duty capacity to help with the changes between riding and storing.

Deep cycle batteries.

Our deep cycle batteries are designed to be regularly deeply discharged. They are typically used for house batteries to power accessories like fridges and camping equipment. We supply these for marine, caravan, 4WD and truck applications.

*To note - marine, motorcycle and some deep cycle applications are only available business hours Monday to Friday.

Don't wait - check or replace

So, what are you waiting for?

Before your next adventure make sure you check your battery or grab a replacement to avoid any unwanted surprises.

All our batteries are backed by a national warranty and purchase guarantee.

Please note, all our recreational batteries are supply only and can't be booked online. Stock limitations and delays may occur. Call us on 13 11 11 and we'll find the right battery for you.