Couple standing beside their car parked behind the ocean
On the road

Road trip pit stops

Getting to your destination might not take all day, so we’ve found some places that are worth stopping at for a well-earned rest.

East coast'ing


Just over an hour from Hobart, you'll discover what all the hype is about when you visit The Fish Van. Fresh seafood caught from nearby, will certainly satisfy your tastebuds and ensure full stomachs ready for the travels ahead.


A popular shack spot for many Tasmanians, but if you're travelling further, it's got many facilities on your doorstep. From the local bakery to the corner store, you'll be able to stock up on all the essentials before hitting the road.

Cranbrook near Swansea

It's known for its vineyards, Spring Vale and Gala Estate to name a couple. Why not stop in for some lunch overlooking the vines, it's a perfect spot for a well-earned rest. Swansea is also another great town to stock up on any essentials.

Triabunna Fish Van

Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Going central


A place that used to be bypassed, will now capture your attention. Discover the new kids on the block Callington Mill Distillery and The Imbibers.

Campbell Town

A great spot to stretch the legs and enjoy a rest in the park. If the weather delivers, there's also Faba Gelateria scooping your favourite gelato flavours.

Heading north


It's no trip to the north if you don't stop at Liffey Falls. If we've had a good downpour prior, the falls are guaranteed to be impressive.

Elizabeth Town

Enjoy a walk around the farm and a bite to eat at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm. There's no shortage of treats here, as you leave make sure you stock up ready for the adventures ahead.

Venturing west/north west


It's worth the drive when you arrive at one of the most well-known towns on the island's west coast. From rainforest bushwalks to scenic tours and cruises, there's truly something for everyone to enjoy. As an added bonus, members can save when staying at Strahan Village.


Many people visit Stanley for its historic charm, fresh seafood and of course to check out the famous Nut. From a steep climb or an easier chair lift you'll feel like you're on top of the world. For a bite to eat, why not visit the iconic Hursey Seafoods down at the docks.

A handful of raspberries from Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

Credit: Danielle Prowse

Travelling south


Stop in this quaint town for the pastries at Poolish and Co. Freshly baked each day, you can enjoy a coffee and pastry in the park or venture along the street to visit some of the local makers.


It's a stop in itself with the short ferry trip across to one of our favourite islands, Bruny. It's bigger than most might think and travelling around the island can be tiring, so it's worth a quick break first. You can explore the island further by water on a famous Pennicott Wilderness Cruise, members are eligible to a discount through Experience Tas.

The Neck, Bruny Island

Credit: @whoishollyjean