Roadside patrol helping a woman on the side of the road
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Roadside rescues

You might be wondering what the most common roadside rescue was for 2023. From flat batteries to lock outs, we saw them all.

We saw 79,477 roadside call outs in 2023, averaging 218 per day. Whether you're a daily commuter or someone who loves a spontaneous road trip, we're here to help 24/7, all year round. Here's what to look out for, so you're not left stranded these holidays.

The most common call out issues
  1. Flat battery - the number one culprit that usually happens because you've left your lights or accessories on or have a faulty/failing battery. This might mean you're due for a battery replacement. Our metro patrols carry a range of batteries and should have one to suit your car at the time of breakdown.

  2. Won't start - whether it's from fuel pumps, immobiliser systems or even a dead battery, our team of roadside patrols can often get you back on the road.

  3. Engine - is your engine making strange noises or running rough? If a warning light has appeared, you might just need some expert advice. Be sure to watch out for overheating, especially as the weather warms up.

  4. Tyres - no one likes being held up by a flat tyre, so make sure all your tyres are in serviceable condition and up to pressure, including your spare. Sometimes spare tyres can be unsuitable for use, or you might not have one. You can find out more about how to care for your vehicle's tyres by watching our Life Hacks video here.

  5. Lock outs - everyone dreads locking themselves out of the car, it not only happens to old cars but it can happen to new ones too. We commonly see that kids are left to play with the keys or animals step back on the lock button. Our patrols can assist in most situations.

  6. Cooling system - as we come into summer, the rise in temperatures can put a strain on your vehicle's cooling system. Make sure you have it flushed and pressure tested and ensure the cooling fans are working as they should be.

  7. Transmission - commonly linked to a slipping clutch or not selecting gears. Regular service and inspection can catch these faults before they get too nasty. This can be more common when towing a trailer, boat or caravan.

  8. Fuel - with all the great hills in Tassie, this can quickly turn low fuel into no fuel. Keep an eye on your gauge and always look to fill up before you drop below a quarter. Don't forget if you're a member you can save 6c per litre at participating United and Astron petroleum sites. Check out our Fuel Saver app for a location near you.

Remember, regular car servicing is your best friend in preventing breakdowns. If you're based in Hobart or Launceston, see how RACT Autoserve can help keep your car in good repair.

Also, a friendly reminder to check your car battery regularly. If needed, our roadside team is here to help you out. We're all about keeping your road trips smooth.

Don’t panic, if your car is still running, find the nearest safe area to pull over which has plenty of room front and rear. Put your hazard lights on and give us a call. Be mindful of passing traffic if you are close to the road.