ANCAP Safety testing of the Volkswagen Polo
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Safety upgrade for Volkswagen Polo

The new generation Volkswagen Polo has impressed ANCAP, with its mid-life upgrade prioritising safety.

Following a move by Volkswagen to introduce further safety improvements to it's current generation Polo, ANCAP have re-awarded a five star safety rating to the latest 2022 requirements.

The Volkswagen Polo already held a strong five star ANCAP safety rating, following testing when it first arrived to the market in 2018.

Since then, they have added more advanced autonomous emergency braking and lane-keep assistance systems, and a centre airbag, meaning the Polo now has the passive and active safety features and technologies required to maintain it's five star rating against the most stringent requirements to date.

As strong advocates for road safety, we hope this is a move that all manufacturers will consider. Not only is the inclusion of the latest safety features beneficial to the driver, it keeps other road users safer as well.

To date, only Toyota have made a similar move by introducing safety upgrades to the Hilux model in 2019, which saw its 2015 date stamped five star rating updated.

These upgraded models will be available to the Tasmanian market from May 2022.

Full details on the safety performance of the updated Volkswagen Polo can be viewed on the ANCAP website