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Top-notch Tassie brews

As the curtain closes on the school holidays, we know the journey back home could use some perking up. So let's transform that long drive into a caffeine-fuelled adventure. Courtesy of our coffee-obsessed staff, we've brewed up a list of the most buzz-worthy coffee stops across Tassie.

Starting from the south

Catch the aroma of rich coffee wafting from the Black Swan in the picturesque Derwent Valley. This isn't just a coffee pitstop - it's a haven for bibliophiles who love to sip and read.

Not too far off in the Huon Valley, the Summer Kitchen Bakery will lure you in with their pastries, so tempting that they're practically calling your name.

Hit Kingston Beach for a whiff of sea breeze and a serving of trendy at Eb and Flo. Coffee, coastal vibes, and cute dogs - it's the trifecta of an ideal holiday wind-down.

On the Tasman Peninsula, a stop at Cubed Espresso is non-negotiable. You'll enjoy a coffee as breathtaking as the coastline view. Oh, and their warm chocolate chip cookies? You won't stop at one!

Wrap up the southern expedition at the Coal River Farm. Situated in the heart of the Coal River Valley, this place is like the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's for coffee and chocolate lovers.

Black Swan, New Norfolk

Credit: Stu Gibson

Credit: Jon Gazzignato

Venturing up north

Heading north, your caffeine fix comes with a side of rustic allure at Bread & Butter. Enjoy a coffee with a fresh loaf of sourdough or a slab of homemade butter - a combo that'll have your tastebuds doing a happy dance.

Feeling homesick already? Sweetbrew's warm and welcoming vibe will wash it away with your first sip of coffee. Plus, its proximity to the city makes it a perfect pitstop.

At the iconic Cataract Gorge, you'll find the Basin Cafe. It's more than just a coffee stop - it's an invitation to soak in spectacular views, take a dip, or maybe even a chairlift ride.

If healthy and sustainable is your jam, Earthy Eats is a must-visit. Their fine coffee and wholesome food will fuel your journey and soothe your soul.

Don't drive past Amelia Coffee Co. without checking out their trendy interior or grabbing a coffee from their unique 'hole-in-the-wall.'

East Coast coffee escapades

In Bicheno, Governors is the local legend. Its lively weekend vibe, thanks to rotating food trucks, is something you just can't miss. If you're an early bird, join the queue at Little Bay Patisserie. Their pastries are worth every second of the wait.

A bit further up the coast, be swept away by the view and quirky vibes of Swims East Coast Coffee in Scamander. Then head to Meresta Eatery, perched beautifully overlooking the Bay of Fires, for a coffee and a slice of their woodfire pizza. And Kate's Berry Farm? Let's just say a handful of berries with your coffee is the cherry on top of your East Coast adventure.

Central Tassie delights

Get ready to unlock a hidden treasure in Ross: Dinki! , an exceptional coffee destination tucked amidst this charming town.

Passing through Oatlands? Vintage on High is the perfect spot for a garden coffee break.

And The Confessional at Epping Forest is your quirky truck stop destination for a quick coffee grab.

Finishing in the North West

In Burnie, get a dose of art with your coffee at Fundamental Espresso Bar. Then drive over to Park Grove's Secret Buddha Cafe for a sneak peek of their delicious menu.

Devonport houses Gioconda Coffee Roasters, where the blend of industrial and roastery is just too hard to resist, and you might find yourself leaving with a bag of their freshly ground coffee. Then in Ulverstone, let the cozy ambiance of Thirty Three Cups, with its seasonally inspired comfort menu, wrap up your coffee road trip.

So, why the rush, coffee crusaders? Savor the journey home, from Scamander to Hobart, Devonport to the Derwent Valley and everywhere in between. Let the rich, diverse Tasmanian coffee culture make your trip back home one for the memory books. And remember, the school holidays might be over, but your coffee adventures are just brewing. Happy caffeinating!