Did you know that road safety experts believe using a smartphone when driving is just as risky as speeding or drink driving?

Whether you’re a fresh new driver or a seasoned veteran, some people think it’s okay to use their phone while driving. On a positive note, research from the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) shows that most people who do use their phone while driving have tried to stop.

One of the problems is that our phones are getting smarter. Voice commands, GPS and music apps are amongst a variety of other tools all readily available at our fingertips causing more distraction than ever before. So what can we do about it?

‘Drive in the Moment’ is a tool to help you identify the moments when you're tempted to reach for your phone. That might be in free flowing traffic on the highway or when you’re waiting at the traffic lights. You can build a plan to help you respond to temptation and distractions. We all know bad habits are hard to break, but it can be done!

It might be you that uses your phone while driving, or it might be someone you know (let’s be honest, we all know someone). Either way, we’d all feel safer if people didn’t do it anymore!

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