Time-lapse photo of the Tasman Highway at night time

Making transport more accessible

Tasmanians are growing tired of sitting in the ever-worsening traffic congestion facing much of our state.

They are crying out for a greater number of more viable alternatives to the car, including more frequent, affordable and accessible buses, ferries, light rail, shuttle bus and trackless tram opportunities.

We also want to see more cycle lanes, the introduction of e-bikes, e-scooters, and other advanced transport technologies.

Car use in Hobart, Launceston and the North West are on the rise due to population growth. In Hobart, 85% of people use their own vehicle to get to work. In Launceston, the figure is 89%. 

This is why we want to see Tasmanians embrace new transport options, such as public and active transport, as part of our visions for Greater Hobart and Greater Launceston.   

These visions outline range of action items across 30 years that allows for a holistic solution that enables mode shift to alternative transport options through greater choice. 

This includes making public transport more affordable, frequent and accessible, through mode shift and infrastructure, new technologies as well as social and land use planning opportunities.

It outlines a staged approach that maps out changes across infrastructure, public and active transport, urban planning, social and community issues, as well as future mobility and emerging technology.

Our Hobart vision

We've looked at ways to improve transport and reduce traffic across Hobart.

Our Launceston vision

We've looked at ways to improve transport and reduce traffic across Launceston.