Life Hacks

Want to learn some new skills? In the first instalment of our Life Hacks series, our team of experts show you how to make your life easier. Keep an eye out for new videos that will be added soon.

As we gear up for the next round of videos, we’d love you to share your challenges with us, so we can steer our next series towards your needs. Whether it’s mastering home gutters or knowing how to check the oil and water in your car, send us a message and we’ll take your suggestions on board.

Home security

Installing a home security system is now easier than ever.

Key points to remember;

  • Wireless home security systems are available in a wide range of stores.
  • If you're not confident to install yourself, ensure you reach out to a professional.

Flexi hose maintenance

Understand where you'll find flexi hoses in your home, and how to check they're in good order and repair.

Key points to remember;

  • Only check the flexi hoses that are within easy reach.
  • Ensure they're replaced every 5 - 8 years to avoid a potential mishap.

Tyre care

Find out how to take good care of your vehicle's tyres the right way.

Key points to remember include;

  • Regularly check that your tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure
  • Always ensure your spare tyre is inflated and ready to use

Preventing fires

Find out how to prevent fires around your home and favourite camping locations.

Key points to remember;

  • Act safely around an active campfire and ensure it's properly extinguished. The best way to do this is to soak it with water, stir it and soak it again
  • Create a clear space around your barbeques, fires and firepits by clearing away any flammable materials


Get to know all about vehicle batteries and how you can take good care of them.

Key points to remember;

  • Batteries last about 4 years, so it’s a good idea to test yours after the 3-year mark
  • Battery testing should only be done by a mechanic, or by our friendly roadside team

Three-point turn

Discover how to nail the perfect three-point turn.

Key points to remember;

  • When you practice a three-point turn, make sure you’re in a place with very little traffic so you can take your time
  • Be sure to check for pedestrians and other vehicles before starting and during the manoeuvre

Preparing for bushfire

Find out what you can do, to protect your home from bushfires.

Key points to remember;

  • Create a clear space around your home by clearing away dry grass, leaves, and any other flammable materials
  • Create your bushfire plan on the Tasmania Fire Service website

Hill starts

Let's dive into mastering the art of starting smoothly on hills, whether you're driving a manual or automatic vehicle.

Key points to remember;

  • The first few times you practice you may roll slightly or even stall and that’s ok
  • Before parking it’s good to have a quick think about how you’ll manoeuvre out of a parking spot later

Vehicle lighting

Understand how to check your headlights to ensure they’re working as they should be.

Key points to remember;

  • It’s good to regularly check that all lights are working on your vehicle
  • If your headlights are misaligned, it’s best to seek help from a professional

Child restraints

It's important to check that your car seat is properly installed and working safely.

Key points to remember;

  • Always work out any twists that are in the straps
  • If your seat has been in a crash, it should be replaced

Windscreen wipers

Learn how to care for your windscreen wipers and top up your fluid.

Key points to remember;

  • Be sure to change your wiper rubbers every season
  • Only use approved windscreen additive

Reverse parallel park

Master the skills to perform the perfect reverse parallel park.

Key points to remember;

  • Be sure to check for pedestrians and other vehicles before starting and during the manoeuvre
  • At the end, your car should be at least one meter from the cars in front and behind