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100 driver training lessons given to underprivileged

Published | 19 May 2023

In honour of our centennial year and National Road Safety Week 2023, we're delighted to announce a community-focused initiative to provide 100 free driver training lessons for underprivileged young people across the state.

This initiative aims to create a safer driving environment and foster responsible habits for Tasmania's most vulnerable road users.

Partnering with Kennerley, the Migrant Resource Centre Launceston, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, and Youth, Family & Community Connections Inc., we'll provide driving lessons at our Driver Training centres located in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, and Burnie.

"We chose to collaborate with these respected not-for-profit organisations due to their ability to reach a diverse range of young people from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, including Tasmanian Aboriginal, migrant communities, and disadvantaged youth,” RACT’s Chief Experience Officer Stacey Pennicott said.

“Their capacity to ensure the lessons are provided to those who need and will value them make them perfect partners. Additionally, their strong presence within the Tasmanian community and alignment with our brand and values will contribute to the success of this initiative."

"Participants will gain crucial knowledge about driving and road safety. They'll learn the fundamentals of driving, including staying alert and attentive, checking blind spots, and mastering other essential skills for safe and responsible driving."

Cedric Manen, CEO of Kennerley Children's Homes, expressed his gratitude for the program, saying, "Many of the families we support come from backgrounds where this type of training isn't readily available. It's been wonderful to provide our most vulnerable young people with the chance to learn such an essential life skill."

"Having a driver's licence can be a significant steppingstone for young people in securing employment and gaining independence. It not only enables them to access job opportunities but also provides the means to commute to work, empowering them to take control of their lives and contribute positively to their communities," Mr Manen said.

“We know young people are over-represented in crash statistics, so this is one way we’re playing a role to drive down the terrible statistics in Tasmania,” Ms Pennicott said.

“We're not only teaching our most vulnerable road users how to drive safely, but we're also helping them become more responsible and informed drivers. By focusing on quality driver training for

young motorists, we're working to reduce the number of accidents involving inexperienced drivers and ultimately contributing to a safer and more accountable community."

We remain dedicated to promoting road safety and supporting the Tasmanian community. By encouraging everyone to participate in National Road Safety Week, share the message of road safety, and work together to create a safer driving environment, we aim to reduce the number of tragic incidents on Tasmania's roads.