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6060 dead on Tasmanian roads over last 100 years

Published | 15 May 2023

In response to the alarming statistic that 6060 Tasmanians have died on the state’s roads over the past 100 years, we've launched a major public awareness campaign as part of National Road Safety Week.

Our CEO Mark Mugnaioni said for 100 years, we've been a major voice for road safety in Tasmania, with good reason.

“Over this time we’ve seen an estimated 6060 people die on our roads,” Mr Mugnaioni said.

“Addressing Tasmania’s appalling road safety track record requires action from all levels of government, community and individuals. It’s not a problem any single organisation can solve.

“With the highest road toll per capita of any Australian state, Tasmania has already had a devastating start to the year on our roads. The campaign calls on Tasmanians to pledge to drive down the road toll and raise awareness about the importance of driving safely.

“While National Road Safety Week is only just one week in a year, our message is to encourage everyone to talk to their family, friends and colleagues about the importance of road safety.

“We cannot afford to ignore these statistics any longer. It’s crucial that we come together as a community and take responsibility for our actions on the road to create a safer environment for all.”

We must hold each other accountable for dangerous driving

We were joined at our launch by Stuart McPherson, who has an acquired brain injury following a serious motorcycle crash, highlighting the life-changing consequences of a moment’s distraction on the road.

“After my accident, I’ve had to learn how to live my life all over again. I want people to understand that it only takes a split second for everything to change,” Mr McPherson said.

“My accident made me realise I’m not 10 foot tall and bulletproof, your life can really change in a blink of the eye. Every decision you make on the road matters. Drive responsibly and take care of each other out there, because the consequences can be devastating.”

Throughout National Road Safety Week, we'll be running a number of community education programs, media events and other activities to highlight the dangers we face on the road each day. Businesses and iconic Tasmanian landmarks will also be lighting up yellow for the week.