Group of e-scooters.
Advocating change

E-scooter trial highlights infrastructure shortfall

Over 50,000 Tasmanians have embraced the e-scooter trial so far, which shows there's clearly a demand for this type of transport option. The next step is ensuring our cities are ready to respond.

We've always been committed to improving mobility options in Tasmania and the current e-scooter trial is providing valuable insights into transport options in our major cities.

For mobility options like e-scooters to remain viable in Tasmania, our infrastructure will need to evolve and adapt. It is vital that the community has that conversation and that all levels of government are prepared to play their part.

Micro-mobility and active travel will play an increasingly significant role in the future of transport, with people around the globe looking to more versatile and sustainable transport options for commuting and moving around cities

It is encouraging to see that Hobart Council are already looking into the potential for new separated cycleways that will also cater for micro-mobility devices.

We look forward to continuing to work with other levels of government to identify, prioritise and invest in sustainable transport infrastructure to meet the evolving transport needs of our community.