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Federal Budget sees cut in Tasmanian road funding

Published | 10 May 2023

We've today expressed concern that there's been a significant reduction in road funding to Tasmania in last night’s Federal Budget. 

“With continued population growth, Tasmania’s roads are under increasing pressure, and we know that road quality is a major factor in crashes”, our Group CEO Mark Mugnaioni said. 

“It’s extremely concerning that there is a reduction of nearly $350 million in federal funding to Tasmanian land transport infrastructure. 

In addition to cuts in infrastructure investment, the Federal Budget will redirect funding from the Road Safety Program – which targets reducing deaths and serious injuries on roads – to other areas. 

“Now is not the time to cut investment in our road network given Tasmania has the highest road toll of any Australian state. We need more investment, not less.” 

“We are calling on the Federal Government to urgently explain what road upgrades will be delayed, deferred or cancelled as a result.” 

Mr Mugnaioni noted that there was an increased in local road funding to Tasmanian councils of $47.9 million across the forward estimates. 

“This is good news as 80 per cent of the road network is managed by local councils but doesn’t go anywhere near offsetting the massive cuts overall,” Mr Mugnaioni said.