Person attaching a dash cam to their windscreen
Advocating change

Have you had a near-miss?

If you've had a near-miss on our roads, we'd like to hear from you.

Every year there are thousands of vehicle crashes in Tasmania. Sadly, more than 300 involve death and serious injury.

Those statistics are serious enough, but there are also many near-misses that could have ended in tragedy.

They're the untold story on our roads. They show that driving a vehicle is the most dangerous thing we do every day.

As part of our ongoing road safety advocacy, we want to hear from our members about their near-miss experiences, and we want to see the dash-cam footage of those moments.

To send in your footage, follow the steps below:

  1. Upload your footage to a personal account of your choice, eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Youtube (anywhere the file can be downloaded from).

  2. Copy or share the file or folder URL link. Make sure to check the permissions will allow the file to be opened.

  3. Include your full name and the link to the video as well as how the experience made you feel in an email to [email protected].

  4. Hit send and you're done. You may be contacted regarding any issues with your footage.

Note: By sending us footage you give RACT permission to use your footage in any content we publish.

Send us your near-miss footage and how it made you feel below

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