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Our Tasmanian Budget response

Published | 29 May 2023

We welcome the increase of $21m invested into road safety infrastructure over the forward estimates. While there is no detail on where this money will be spent, we'll continue to work constructively with the Tasmanian Government to make our roads safer.

“As outlined in our submission to the Legislative Council Select Committee into Road Safety in Tasmania, we would like to see a doubling of the Government’s commitment to rolling out its enforcement camera network from 16 to 32, which would see Tasmania being a national leader,” our Chief Advocacy Officer, Garry Bailey said. 

“For Tasmania to achieve our targets set out in the National Road Safety Strategy, we need consistent and targeted spending.” 

“We'll continue to work with the Tasmanian Government, our key road safety partners, and through the Road Safety Advisory Council to reduce death and serious injuries on Tasmania’s roads.”

“We also welcome that road maintenance funding, which was increased in the last Budget, has been maintained, our 213,000 members regard the maintenance of our roads as a key road safety initiative.” 

We note the decrease in overall road infrastructure funding from $2.7b to $2.2b in this budget. We'll work with the government to ensure safety is paramount in the projects that this funds. 

 “Now is not the time to step back from investing in our road network. On the contrary, we need to increase spending, ramp up public awareness campaigns, and work relentlessly towards the sole objective of saving Tasmanian lives,” Mr Bailey said.