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Tasmanian motorists have saved almost $12 million at the bowser since real time fuel price reporting was launched last September. Our Fuel Saver app has played a key part in these savings.

Since March last year, we’ve been keeping track of fuel prices and calculating how much Tasmanians are being overcharged at the bowser.

We’ve seen a lot of progress on fuel prices in that time and, for the first time in at least 12 months, we can say motorists are no longer being ripped off by retailers.

Our calculations show since fuel price reporting was launched six months ago, motorists have saved $11.6 million for unleaded 91 and diesel fuel. Furthermore, since we launched our Fuel Saver app last December, motorists have saved around $4 million at the pump alone.

In fact, we also know that Tasmanians haven’t been overcharged a cent for unleaded 91 since last December. Additionally, motorists recently stopped overpaying for diesel fuel in the first week of February.

This tells us that fuel price reporting and our Fuel Saver app are making a real difference in Tasmania, particularly when considering motorists overpaid more than $26.5 million for their fuel between March 2020 and the start of February 2021.

Before you hit the road, download our Fuel Saver app to help keep pressure on fuel retailers.