Tasmania's leading home and contents insurer

Cover for flood, storm, fire and theft, plus a repair guarantee and a safety net on building policies makes us the leading home insurer in Tasmania.  If you want your portable items covered away from home, take a look at our portable items cover.


Our safety net gives you added protection which assists you if the cost of repairs or rebuilding exceeds your sum insured.

You also get a guarantee on repairs whilst you own your home, flood and storm damage cover, and if you are unable to reside in your home, temporary accomodation during repairs worth up to 10% of the sum insured.

You can also add your choice of options*, such as variable excess, accidental damage and damage to electric motors of appliances fixed to your home (e.g. heat pump, built-in dishwasher).
*some options incur an additional premium.


Features include removal of debris, unlimited cover for CDs and DVDs as a result of an insured event, unlimited household computer equipment included as part of your contents, as well as food and medication spoilage.
You can also add your choice of options*, such as variable excess, accidental damage and damage to electric motors (e.g. washing machine, fridge).
*some options incur an additional premium

Portable Items

Features include  unspecified or specified cover plus cover available for mobile phones and laptops.


By combining policies in one convenient package, all your policies will fall due at the same time.  When eligible policies are combined, lower premiums apply.
Silver saver policyholders already receive a discou​nt however by also combining policies will receive a further discount.
* Silver saver customers must be over 50 and working less than 20 hours per week.
For policies ​prior to 1st June 2019 please read this Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement​​ and Key Facts Sheet.

​For policies post 1st June 2019​ please read this Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement​​ , Premium & Payments Guide​ and Key Facts Sheet ​before you make any decision regarding these products.