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Meet Billie

Relishing every day with a positive attitude and the biggest of smiles. Four years ago Billie the black and tan kelpie cross discovered her forever home with Henry and Jill and has been living her best life ever since.

From what they were told at The Hobart Dog’s Home, this well mannered adult dog was found roaming rural properties on the outskirts of Hobart’s Eastern Shore. With no id or no one coming forward to claim her, she was given a fresh start at a new life as she was put up for adoption.

The arduous task of coming up with a name for their new dog was made easy for Henry and Jill, as they drove away from The Dogs Home the song Billie Jean came on the radio. They considered it to be too much of a sign to look past, so Billie she then forever became.

It didn’t take long for Billie to settle into the family’s rural property just out of Bream Creek. When introduced to the sheep, pigs and neighboring cows her natural herding abilities began to shine through. Wading in the water hole became a favourite activity on hot days, and she found great pleasure in simply wandering around the farm helping her new mum and dad wherever she could.

A naturally active couple, Henry and Jill began to include Billie in as many activities as they could. From bushwalks to kayaks, ball sports to beer gardens. Billie’s company became a constant as she was no longer just a dog, she’d become part of the family.

As much as she puts on a brave face, life isn’t always rosy for Billie. Last summer the vet had to put her under anesthetic to remove an infected grass seed that had lodged deep in her ear. Thankfully she was quickly back to full health, but as a safeguard she’s now begun to wear a headband when she’s in the paddock with the tall grasses that have gone to seed.

That moment served as a firm reminder for Henry and Jill to make sure Billie's health cover was in check.

Pet insurance

As Henry and Jill have come to learn, surprises can happen at any moment with a pet. It pays to have yourself covered for the unknown, so you can enjoy every adventure.

Henry and Jill consider themselves incredibly lucky to have come across Billie and they’d like to think that if she could talk, she’d say the same. While her history may be uncertain, one thing’s for sure. This well mannered kelpie cross has found a family that will forever shower her with the love that she so rightly deserves.