British Shorthair cat laying inside next to owner
Tips & tricks

Meet Ernie

Bringing a new cat into your life can be an exciting yet unknown adventure. Just ask Gen, the owner of one-year-old British Shorthair, Ernie. He’s fluffy in appearance, yet bold in personality.

He plays fetch, sits on command and is crazy about food – yes, this is a cat we’re talking about.

From the moment Gen picked him up from a local breeder and welcomed him into her home, she knew life was about to change.

Gen likens raising a kitten to an adventure - there are plenty of surprises that can pop up and often evidence of mischievous behaviour found along the way.

From starting out with routine vet visits and vaccinations, Gen wondered what other costs might arise during Ernie’s life.

Whether it’s an unbalanced tumble from a high surface or an unexpected encounter with a household hazard, you never know when you might need pet insurance. Accidents can happen when you have a curious explorer in the house, and it can become costly.

They’re learning together, - Ernie is starting to scratch the furniture less, consume his food slower and be cooperative when having his nails clipped.  

Among all the memorable moments – and the few challenges along the way - pets become part of the family.

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