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Home maintenance in the great outdoors

From clearing your gutters to landscape consideration, here are just some of our tips and tricks for how to maintain the outside or your home and avoid potential hazards. There are many of us that gear ourselves up for spring cleaning, but there are so many things for us to consider for every season.

Taming tree roots

Before you embark on creating a stunning garden bed or finding the perfect sunny spot for that new tree, it's crucial to assess how it will impact your home's underground infrastructure. Here are some essential pointers to keep in mind:.

  • Uncover the hidden depths by visiting the before you dig website to identify any underground surprises in your dream garden location.

  • Maintain a safe distance. Avoid planting trees near your home's footings to prevent future complications.

  • Exercise caution with ground cover plants near visible stormwater drains. These drains play a vital role in safeguarding your home from excess water during heavy rainfall. Keep them clear for effective drainage.

Gutter guardians

The humble gutter is often overlooked when it comes to protecting your home. If towering trees surround your home, pay extra attention to these gutter-related insights:

  • Stay one step ahead of the seasons by regularly checking and maintaining your gutters. Autumn brings fallen leaves and winter has wind-driven debris that can quickly clog your downpipes, impeding proper drainage.

  • Tasmania's unexpected downpours demand year-round vigilance. Don't let heavy rain catch you off guard.

  • Picture the nightmare of water leaking over your fascia and infiltrating your roof. Prevent this by keeping your gutters and downpipes clear. Neglected blockages can lead to overflow and potential water damage throughout your home.

By conducting such outdoor maintenance, you will assist in reducing potential damage to your home.

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