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Storm safety tips

While Tasmania doesn't have a defined 'storm season', severe weather can strike us at any time.

In May, 2018, we saw one of the biggest weather events Tasmania has ever experienced. Strong winds and heavy rain resulted in flash flooding, causing significant damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure. We dealt with over 2,200 claims amounting to nearly $22 million worth of damage from that one night.

We want to help you prepare for future severe-weather events, so you know what to do before, during and after a storm.

Before the storm:

  • Develop a storm emergency plan.

  • Get your emergency kit ready.

  • Test batteries in radios and torches.

  • Trim or remove branches overhanging your home or power lines on your property.

When a storm warning has been issued:

  • Bring children and pets indoors.

  • Check that your neighbours know about any warnings and are prepared.

  • Move outdoor furniture or toys to a secure place.

  • Tie down loose items like trampolines.

  • Prepare for potential blackouts by unplugging non-essential electrical items.

During the storm:

If you're indoors:

  • Stay inside and keep away from windows.

  • If there's a blackout, use a torch instead of candles.

  • Listen to your local radio for updates.

If you're outdoors:

  • Find safe shelter away from trees, powerlines and metal structures.

If you're driving:

  • Be alert and watch out for hazards.

  • Never attempt to drive through floodwater.

  • Slow down, drive to the conditions and keep your headlights on.

After the storm:

  • Stay away from swollen creeks, drains, fallen trees, power lines and damaged buildings.

  • Supervise children - don't let them play in or near floodwaters.

  • Always assume fallen power lines are dangerous.

  • Check on your neighbours if it's safe to do so.

  • Don't go 'sightseeing'. Sightseers delay emergency services and cause accidents.

If you're affected:

  • Contact your insurer immediately. If you have home insurance with us, you may be entitled to temporary accommodation. You can claim online 24/7, or call our claims team on 13 27 22 24/7 in an emergency. 

  • If you need to leave your home, take your emergency kit and pets with you.

  • If you can stay at home, take care when checking for damage. There could be broken glass, loose tiles and other hidden dangers.

You can find more advice by visiting the SES website.

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