What do you need to know about L1's in Tasmania

We're serious about helping to reduce the level of young fatalities on our roads. That's why we're teaching learners the necessary skills to take them through a whole lifetime of driving, not just pass their P1 test.

​​​Pre-learner stage

To hold an L1 licence, you must pass a theory test of the Tasmanian road rules at a Service Tasmania outlet. This can be practiced online on the transport website.​

L1​ licensing ​

You will need to hold your L1's for a minimum of three months before you are able to sit the L2 assessment. 

During this time it is a great idea to ​get driver training lessons - not only to prepare you for your driving test, but also to ensure that you learn good techniques for driving safely and responsibly on the road. 

RACT Driver Training provides highly skilled and professional, accredited driving instructors. Lessons run for approximately 50 minutes in your choice of an automatic or manual car. All cars are fitted with dual control pedals so that your instructor can intervene in potentially dangerous situations.

Things that instructors will focus on at this stage will be: 

  • learning the use of vehicle controls
  • how and when to use mirrors or head checks to scan surrounding traffic
  • how to put the road rules into practice
  • how and when to indicate your intention to turn corners, change lanes or otherwise change the direction of the vehicle
  • how to judge the correct position of your vehicle on the road
  • how to ensure you are safely fitting in with normal traffic flow
  • how to control the vehicle so that driving is smooth and without unnecessary front to back movement.

To book in your lessons today, book online here or call RACT Driver Training on 1300 761 429.

New to driving?

There are also a number of free information sessions that help new drivers and their supervisors get prepared for driving on the road as well as a free introduction lesson to driving through Keys to Drive. Click here for more information. ​