View from Tarn Shelf

Dare to dream

While we’re all waiting for a time when we can roam freely around the state again, our staff have shared some of their favourite spots to visit.

A beautiful alpine environment, with views like those around Mt Field National Park, just one hour from Hobart – an easy and spectacular day trip.

Will Barbour, General Manager - Marketing & Sales NRMA

Tarn Shelf. Image: Will Barbour.
Just an hour from Hobart. Image: Will Barbour.

Marion’s Lookout, Cradle Mountain, is a great spot to get away from the crowds and take a moment to take in the beauty of the Cradle Valley and beyond.

Todd Roberts, General Manager, Strahan Village and Cradle Mountain Hotel

The view from Marions Lookout Cradle Mountain. Image: Todd Roberts.

Cradle Mountain is my favourite as I can get out and explore with my family. Our son Hugo really loves it and pointing out all the wildlife.

Jake Archer, Head Chef, Cradle Mountain Hotel

Building a snowman. Image: Jake Archer.
Hugo on Enchanted Walk. Image: Jake Archer.

Bay of Fires is just an amazing place, expansive beaches, no development, very quiet and remote and rich in indigenous and colonial heritage.

Alex Luttrell, former employee

Bay of Fires. Image: Alex Luttrell.

Strahan because it is so underrated. So much to see, do and explore, without the crowds.

Geoff Eyers, General Manager, Gordon River Cruises

Summer sunset over the Spirit of the Wild. Image: Geoff Eyers.
Sunset over Strahan. Image: Jennifer Klippert.

The view of Strahan from the View 42 Restaurant and Bar deck is my favourite for a magnificent sunset.

Jennifer Klippert, Food & Beverage Manager, Strahan Village

Magical sunset over Strahan. Image: Jennifer Klippert.

As well as being visually beautiful to look at, I love the fagus for what it symbolises. It shows just how ancient and unscathed pockets of our wonderful island-home are, despite other environmental changes.

Martha Galea, former employee

Nothofagus Gunnii (also known as 'fagus' or 'deciduous beech'). Image: Martha Galea.
Found in Autumn at Mt Field and Lake St Clair National Parks. Image: Martha Galea.

Cascade Gardens, because my daughter and I can have an adventure and discover something new each visit.

Katie Reynolds, Marketing Coordinator

Exploring the Cascade Gardens in Autumn. Image: Katie Reynolds.

Fairy floss skies along the Great Eastern Drive were always a special favourite. There is something comforting about the child-like warm colours that welcome you home safely to the coast after a long day.

Megan Coelho, Media and Famils Officer, NRMA Expeditions

Sunset on the coast. Image: Megan Coelho.
Frosty mornings. Image: Megan Coelho.
Freycinet sunset. Image: Belinda Moore.

Freycinet on the east coast is my favourite spot because of its natural beauty. I love the area because it was where I saw whales in the wild for the first time.

Belinda Moore, Customer Service Consultant, Rosny Branch

Disconnecting in the Central Highlands. Image: Chris Machen.

Central Highlands is a great place to visit and disconnect.

Chris Machen, Customer Service Consultant, Burnie

Willie Smiths Apple Shed. Image: Tourism Tasmania and Jonathan Wherrett.

Willie Smiths for Sunday lunch. Great with kids.

Mark Mugnaioni, Group Chief Executive