Surf's up

Tasmanian photographer Stuart Gibson shares some of his favourite spots for a fun surfing adventure.


Marrawah on the west coast is stunningly raw with huge waves and wild winds. In between our Tasmanian storms, the west coast can also produce some really fun beach breaks.

Ariel shot of Murrawah


South Arm is a very consistent surf location with a range of fun and heavy beach breaks. A short walk to the next headland can often produce some better quality.


Bay of Fires is a series of beaches on the north east coast and has the best water clarity in Tasmania.


Sun shining on the water at South Arm
South Arm
Ariel shot of water and beach at Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires


Pedra Branca is only for the extreme surfers. 30km south of Tasmania, and more known for its fishing, some surfers push the limits catching some of the biggest waves ever surfed in Tas/Aus.


The Points provide quality waves close to Hobart, but they protect themselves by only breaking about twice a year.


Waves crashing at Pedra Branca
Pedra Branca
Surfing at the Points
The Points


Shipstern Bluff is a mythical surf spot near Port Arthur and a popular four-hour return bushwalk. A very serious wave breaks at the bottom of the cliff.


Surfing through the waves at Shipstern
Mikey Brennan at Shipstern Bluff
Bicheno has some wild coast with a lot of granite slabs, making short but very heavy waves that will turn on and off quickly around the tides.


Waves crashing at Bicheno with the sun shining on the water
Huge waves in bright blue water at Bicheno


Eagle Hawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula is surrounded by huge sea cliffs. The beach break is fun with some more serious waves for the adventurer.


Sun rising over Eagle Hawk Neck
Eagle Hawk Neck